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First things first: are you looking for (i) an Android Video Poker app, (ii) the ability to play competitive real money Texas Holdem Poker on your Android, or (iii) a free poker smartphone app? Skip to the appropriate section below, or click here to play mFortune’s classic Video Poker apps for Android phones now.

1. Android Video Poker

Today there are scores of mobile casino gamers who are using Android for playing their favorite mobile games. The shift from online gaming to mobile gaming is all about the convenience to enjoy these games from anywhere and at any time.
Now, you can enjoy your favorite video poker games also through the many stylish and powerful Android smartphones.
Several sites now offer you the chance to enjoy real money video poker games from your Droid phone. Here’s a quick list:

  • Jacks or Better – Play it at Spin Palace, AllSlots or Wild Jack Casino. This is the most common mobile poker game for Androids currently on the market.
  • Hi Lo Poker – So far only available at mFortune (which also has an interesting app called ‘Sexy Poker’ – their version of the classic Strip Poker party game).
  • Three Card Poker – Also hard to find but again Wild Jack has a nice app free.

The only thing you have to do to start playing Android Poker on your handset is download the best Android poker apps to the phone. With that done, you will be able to enjoy poker at any time you want. We briefly list to you, some of the best Android poker apps available online today.

2. Multi-player Competitive Poker for Android

Live hold’em poker pro is a popular Android app for Poker where you would be playing against some real players from Facebook and Google Android. The app also features the facility for live chat. However, you cannot play for real money and that makes it a purely entertainment oriented site.
For real money Android poker you are still very restricted in your options, although that could all change in 2012. The only multi-player Android poker apps you can currently play for money are offered by Bwin and mFortune once again, which both offer the multi-player classic poker game for Android phones, Texas Hold ‘em.
To play Texas Hold’em on your Android click here now!

3. Free Android Poker Apps

Unsurprisingly there are more of these than anything else and while you won’t win any money playing, and while many poker pros will tell you that you won’t learn anything until you risk some of your own cash, you can still have fun pretending.
Texas Hold’em Poker is another Android Poker app which is quickly rising up in popularity charts. Players can use this poker app in several popular cities including Macao, Dubai and Las Vegas. Unlike Live Hold’em Poker, in this game you will be playing only against the computer but that does not in any way affect the challenge or thrill of playing real poker.

Zynga Poker is another Android Poker app. This one can let you play the Texas hold ‘em poker game with up to 9 players online. You have to use your Facebook login details to sign in and start playing Poker through your Android any time.

VIP Poker is probably the most rated free Android Poker app that is available on the Internet. You can compete against the iPhone and iPad users as well, using this Android Poker app.


Poker for Android customers is in fact just like the online poker games available on sites. Online sites like Bwin and mFortune have developed Android Poker apps and run the same kind of loyalty programs for Android poker customers as well. Most of these Android Poker apps are available free of charge and that should be the best thing about Android Poker.